About Meriyakaka

At present, Temple of Meriyakaka is situated on outskirts of PrabhasPatan. It is a village which is well known for a great mythical Jyotilinga– Somnath Temple. It is located at a distance of around 2Km from Somnath temple. A route from Somnath temple to Meriyakaka temple has many worth watching places for tourists. TriveniSangam is a spot for the Hindus auspicious rituals which is laid at thebanks of convergence of three rivers such as Hiran, Kapila&Saraswati. Thereafter on the route, ShardaMath(Abbey) comes. This place was specifically built for the staying of great ancient Hindu monks who were the followers Shankracharya. Besides of the location, there is a place called GeetaMandir is also popular as Devotsarg. It is said that at Devotsarg, Shree Krishna ended his mortal life. From Devotsarg there is anUnmetalled road parallel to Hiranrivar led to Meriyakaka temple.

Along with Meriyakaka, Shankarkaka is enshrined in the temple. Behind the main room of the temple, there is a small cave in which KalBhairav&Shivalinga are established. One thing that intrigued every person about the temple is an absence of the roof over the temple. Building a roof over Meriyakaka temple is against his consent. So, to obey his will, roof is not yet built over the temple. Interior of the temple is made of plain white tiles featured with red, yellow & blue coloured tiles to give cheerful pattern & auspicious design. It is humble request to all the tourists & our GotrejBandhu to maintain cleanness in the temple & consider the activity as their own responsibility to keep the temple always neat, tidy & plurged.

About Meriyakaka Origin

A real name of Meriyakaka was Raja Gajendra Singh Mrunoy. He belonged to a small village named Jalorewhich is located in the South-west region of Rajasthan. It was attacked by Moguls. Being Ferocious &courageous, Meriyakaka fought against the Moguls & saved the village. He strived in the war against Mogul & sacrificed his life to save the villagers. Those villagers were exiled from Jalore &voyaged towards southern part of India in search of safe & sound place to settle down. At last, they became a residence of Kutch, Bhuj, Anjar, Prabhas Patan & Veraval.

Meriyakaka’s valorous deeds made him immortal & his victorious death saved whole village & lives of our ancestors. A small mountain is located on outskirts of Jalore where Meriyakaka is entombed beneath a shadow of Khijada tree. To pay tribute to the bravery & courageous efforts, his statue is placed on the top of a sculpture of elephant in front of the main entrance of Jain temple in Jalore.

About Us

Most of our GotrejBandhu belongs to Jain religion. Apart from Jain religion few of them are Kutchi(People who have their native place as Kutch) also have their Family deity as Meriyakaka.

In our country, there are so many diversifications can be observed. Every group of people in one or many religion have their own family deity who can be god or goddess. Meriyakaka is among thousands & millions of Hindu god & goddess. These Family deities were human being like us. But, people of India make them immortal & worshipped by respecting their extraordinary deeds. Due to the extraordinary deeds, our ancestors started worshipping them. In Hindi it is called “KulDevta”& in Gujarati it is known as “Gotrej”. The prime Objective of the website is to spread awareness among those people (GotrejBandhu) who are worshiping Meriyakaka as their Family Deity. Here, you may check brief history about Meriyakaka &information about the customs related to Meriyakaka which has to follow every year. Via website, which is one the most convenient & effective tool of communication, we can reach to our own GotrejBandhu, improve transparency, create & cultivate relations & all our efforts turn into social growth.

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